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        Jingzhou Tianshuo is 10 Years Old, Who Will Be the Classic Plastic Part Supplier
        Date:2012/4/17 22:46:19  Source:本站原創   Click Time:704




        New Production line of Tianshuo was started on 26th, which is 10 years-old present for itself. Vice president of City Political Consultative Conference Zhou Jianguo, president of Association of Industry and Commerce Luo Zhongping, president of Bureau of Commerce Lu Minghe attended.

        GM Zhang Tianyuan addressed that our parts have gradually increased to more than 100 since it was established in Jingzhou Development Zone in 2002 .Our products continuously increase and now more than 100, which cover textile bobbins and textile machinery, household, Auto plastic parts. We provide parts for Yichang Textile Machinery Facility,Media, Shendian Motors, Remy Motors ,Dongfeng Auto and other famous companies. We successfully gain the certificate of ISO 90012000. Zhang Tianyuan said that Strengthening Project in Jingzhou provide a new opportunity for us. Our company will take auto parts as body ,take textile machinery and household parts as wings to develop new market , project and cooperation. Tianshuo will continuously take Respect Ability and Morals, Develop Harmoniously as principle to make classic plastic part supplier in China.(Intern Nie Chengru)


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