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        Enterprise Culture


        Our Enterprise Culture

        Unite  Commitment  Progression  Innovation 

        Our Superiority

             Leading Idea 
              Based on IS0 9001:2000 and ISO/TS16949 system, we consistently run QRQC and ZD quality system. Focus on customers’ requirement, build efficient system of supplier, pursue common and advance with nature and society harmoniously.
             Excellent Technique 
              Classic mold design and manufacture ability, integrated inspecting and testing ability, fast response ability, and synchronous development ability.
             Lean Management 
              Execute lean manufacturing system and idea strictly, control and improve product quality efficiently and consistently.



        Plastic Parts for Auto
        Tianshuo aims to be classic supplier…
        Plastic Parts for textile machinery
        With reliable products……
        Plastic Parts for Appliance
        With reliable products……
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