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        Tianshuo History

        Tianshuo Events     

        ★ 2002  Jingzhou Tianshuo Plastic Science &Technology Co., Ltd was founded.
        ★ 2002  Produced all series of plastic textile bobbins, and provided them for domestic excellent textile facility.
        ★ 2004  Became outstanding supplier of Little Swan (Jingzhou facility)
        ★ 2007  Became Level A supplier of Shendian Motors Co., Ltd and Remy Motors Hubei Co.,Ltd
        ★ 2009  Acquired the certificate of TS16949
        ★ 2010  Procured a piece of land (47000 sq. m. ) in Jingzhou Economical and Technological Development Zone
        ★ 2011  Built a new plant of 15000 sq. m.
        ★ 2012  Completed the new plant and held ten anniversary celebration.

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