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        Quality System

             Tianshuo Company is one of Level A suppliers of Hubei Shendian, Remy Motor and Yichang Textile Machinery Facility.

              Comprehend and master the strongest weapon in commercial competition- ISO/TS 16949  
              ISO/TS 16949 is the latest quality system principle for auto industry. Tianshuo tried this principle internally from 2007 and gained the certificate in 2009.Customer oriented process is adopted in the TS system. With TS quality management principle, the quality management is gradually regulated.   

              Higher Quality, More Economical Products  
              We aim to provide customers with exquisite, reliable and economical products. Thus we will :
        Ensure all material come from international famous suppler, and inspect their key parameter to guarantee its reliability.
        · Make self-inspection and sampling for parts in process and set error proofing specification to avoid defect due to human.
        · Monitor the stability of production process by statistics principle to ensure reliable quality;
        · Execute filing management procedure as PPAP made to avoid defect due to staff change.
        · Calibrate all equipments regularly to ensure their stability and reliability
        · Make 100% inspection for the key control characteristics of key products through specific inspection tool and devices
        · Train all employers including operators and inspectors regular for quality mind and quality tools (SPC, MSA, PDCA , 8D, etc.) 



        Plastic Parts for Auto
        Tianshuo aims to be classic supplier…
        Plastic Parts for textile machinery
        With reliable products…
        Plastic Parts for Appliance
        With reliable products……
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